You are a paramedic responding to a series of multiple casualty incidents that have occurred in your city. Fire personnel are on scene, and you are the first paramedic there.

The incident commander has declared the scene safe. Your role is to perform primary triage. In the game, you will use the combined START/JumpSTART triage tool. The tool will be available to you in the game.


The game has a number of disaster scenes.

Each disaster scene is composed of three VIEW SCREENS. In each view, you will be able to see a number of victims, and take specific actions for managing the victims and assessing the scene. These actions include:

1. Requesting additional resources
2. Call out for ambulatory patients to walk toward you
  3. Select a patient to assess further


Your goals in this screen are fourfold:

  1. Triage the patient RED (Immediate), YELLOW (Delayed), GREEN (Ambulatory), or BLACK (Dead or Expectant)
  2. Triage as quickly as possible
  3. Adhere to the START/JumpSTART algorithm
  4. Control any out-of-control hemorrhage by applying a tourniquet

Your success as a triage officer, and your score in the game will be impacted by how well you meet these goals. The PATIENT Screen is where you may assess the patient, and perform actions, such as bag valve mask ventilation, intraosseous access, and applying tourniquets as you see fit.

These are the Assessments you can make while triaging each patient in the PATIENT SCREEN:

Ask the patient to walk or move. The patient may talk to you when you use this action.
Assess the patient's airway
Check the patient's respiratory rate
Check the patient's capillary refill
Check the patient's pulse
Check the patient's pulse rate
Check the patient's blood pressure
Assess the patient's mental status